Radio Interview with Virginia Trioli

Interview with Virginia Trioli ABC Radio 774

Friday 29 Ma7 2020


Virginia: Grace in Ashburton, have you been watching (ABC at Home Alone Together)?

Grace: I have Virginia and thank you for speaking with me. I’m going to talk about their skit, “All Australians now more than ever don’t start a podcast, nobody wants to hear it.”

Virginia: Ah, you’ve landed on the controversial issue, yes.

Grace: Well it hit close to home for me, because me and my Bendigo-based friend actually started a podcast in quarantine. So, we were sort of offended on a personal level, and we know it’s a joke, but it’s kind of a joke in the sense of ‘oooh they’ve finally said what everyone’s thinking, they’re brave enough to say it”. But we just thought that was a real problem a bigger level. We should be encouraging people to share their opinions, and podcasts are a really democratic form of media.

Virginia: Absolutely. Grace, hold that thought. Just stay there for a second. For those who may not know it. This was a skit that really got a lot of negative attention to this program, that was out last week. It was slammed on social media. If you missed it, this is a little bit of the skit.

ABC at Home Alone Together, various celebrities: These are unprecedented times. We know this are hard right now. You’re stuck inside with nothing to do. You might be going out of your mind. Just wanting to do something. Anything. But now more than ever, more than ever, more than ever. It’s time to think about how your choices affect others. So please, please, please. Don’t start a podcast.

Virginia: And then it gets a little more sweary. I remember watching that online and thinking really? I think virtually everyone who is presenting this actually has a podcast.

Grace: Exactly! Leigh Sales was in it which we thought was disappointing, and yes we do know that it’s meant to be tongue in cheek but I think it just missed the mark, and it was really tone deaf.

Virginia: Yeah, I actually agree with you. I think that it yreally missed the mark, but in a kind of aggressive way. Karen Half-Penny, what did you think?

Karen (TV critic): No, I’m groaning and pulling my hair out. I thought it was hilarious. I think the last thing we have needed during these times is everyone deciding that what they have to say is super interesting.

Virginia: Well, tell that to Grace and her friend.

Karen: I am telling it to Grace! Grace, you know what, you sound so divine, and you and your friend – I’m loving that you’re getting together and having a conversation.

Virginia: However?

Karen: Do them on zoom! Nobody else needs to hear them. I thought it was hilarious.

Grace: We are actually getting really nice feedback from people. And you know what, I’m a young woman and it’s hard for us to break into the media and you know, be in journalism. But we’re getting out voices out there, and we’re not afraid of saying something silly or the sound of our voice on tape. We’re putting ourselves out there, and I think that’s a good thing.

Virginia: Grace, I think I’m in your corner. Even if I might not want to listen to another podcast, because yes, I accept that the world is full of podcasts. But there was something terribly tone deaf surely about a whole bunch of highly successful people saying “We’ve seized the ground, we’re up here with our podcasts, you can all rack off”. And I actually don’t think it was tongue in cheek. I think they were all thinking “no, no, we’ll do, there’s enough in the world”.