QAnon’s Extraordinary Playlist

We are in the calm before the storm…

Or so followers of QAnon believe.It’s the conspiracy theory that believe Donald Trump is secretly battling an international paedophile ring run by prominent celebrities and Democrats. And that’s just the beginning…This week, we go down a Q-hole so you don’t have to.

And then to cleanse your palate, we take a magical, musical journey through Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.From the choreography, the music and the heart, find out why we think Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist hits all the right notes.

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Dirty John – Season 2 – The Betty Broderick Story – on Netflix

Glow Up – Season 2 – on Netflix

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – on Stan

—– Grace’s Links —–

Drawful – game available on Jackbox

Into the Unknown (The Making of Frozen 2) – on Disney Plus

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All our music is from Epidemic Sound

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