What Would Edward Cullen Score on the Psychopath Test?

Psychopaths aren’t so bad.” – said no one ever.’

Today we look at what makes a psychopath… and who might be some we already know? We also test how psychopathic Grace is, only to conclude she is “somewhat charming”.

Over on a very sad book shelf, we look at the obscenely long novel that should have never been written, Midnight Sun. The Edward Cullen’s creepy perspective on the original book Twilight.

—————- Miranda’s Links —————

The Queen’s Gambit – TV series on Netflix

The controversial Race Wars podcast episode “Geicopath Test with Jon Ronson & Karith Foster” and “Stop Telling Your Brave Stories w/ Jessica Delfino & Megan Sullivan”

The Psychopath Test – Book by John Ronson

Robert Hare’s ‘Psychopathy Checklist’

————— Grace’s Links ——————-

Clouds – Emotional movie on Disney Plus

Monday Nights on the ABC – Including Gruen , Hard Quiz, Planet America and Reputation Rehab

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